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Accelerating Digital Health Adoption

The challenge with digital health these days is not the lack of innovation: It is the slow rate at which healthcare organizations are adopting the innovative solutions that are available.

In 2020 the venture capital community invested $9.4B into digital health innovation. Compare that to almost $50B of investments over 10 years from 2010 through 2019. What this means is that viable digital health solutions will be available soon and if healthcare providers are not adopting those, others will.

In this pragmatic presentation Christian Milaster will make the case for why healthcare organization need to up their game in adoption digital health innovation for quickly; and how healthcare leaders can change the culture of the organization to make decisions in hours, validate decisions in days and implement new solutions in weeks.

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Telehealth Fee-for-Service Reimbursement – 2021 Update

2020 Brought telehealth to the mainstream.

In this presentation, you’ll leave understanding the fee for service billing for video, telephone, email and remote patient monitoring. We’ll review the public health emergency waiver and strategies for billing telehealth after COVID-19 waivers expire.

The provider paperwork reduction initiative brought 2021 documentation changes that can directly benefit telehealth. We will review and discuss how the changes and how they apply to telehealth.

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A Clinician’s View on the Future of Digital Health

Listen in to a fascinating conversation moderated by a former physician who has focused on digital health law for over 25 years. The three physicians on the panel — a family medicine doctor, a German surgeon and an Occupational Health specialist — will share their perspectives on what the future of Digital Health holds.

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The Future is Wear-to-Able

Innovative Tech is enabling access to more affordable and accessible solutions for us to take charge of our holistic well-being to become happier, healthier and more spiritually connected, allowing us to live more meaningful lives as we transcend from ‘Sickcare’ to ‘True Healthcare’. Come join the movement to transform people by embracing this new world order of Wear-to-Able. Covering a range of topics intersecting at the juncture of disruptive Wearable-tech, Smart Cities & elevating our Consciousness.

Will include a select showcase of tech that is democratized at our finger-tips, our palm, our wrist, our forehead that is augmenting humanity

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The Promise of Digital Tech for Behavioral Health & Wellness

This presentation by leading Digital Mental Health Expert Craig DeLarge will

  • explore the deeper implications for improvement of chronic care therapy
  • highlight how technology is benefitting low to medium-income patient populations
  • describe a strategy using technology to improve personal resilience
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The Sentry is On Duty: The Ins and Outs of Remote Patient Monitoring

This session will examine remote patient monitoring: its nature, its requirements, its capabilities and indications, its benefits and risks, and how it gets paid for.

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Economic Impact of Maintaining Rural Health

With the continued widespread adoption of telehealth solutions, rural communities are recognizing the benefits of this technology beyond the clinic or hospital setting. The ability to bring healthcare specialty services to remote locations improves the economic opportunities for all employers and citizens. Attracting and retaining employees is paramount if these communities are to remain viable. Making it possible for young families, children, teens, and older workers to receive care without having to leave town is a value that is measured beyond dollars and time spent traveling.
In this session, attendees will better understand the broader impact of how this technology:
  • Can improve employers’ ability to attract and retain employees
  • Can attract new businesses to the community
  • Provide training and continuing education programs for current and prospective clinical workers
  • Will help local clinics retain patient revenues while avoiding costs associated with hiring specialists for limited services
  • Will reduce unnecessary and costly patient transfers and by-passes
  • Provide peace of mind for residents who rely on the hospital for care and economic stability (maintaining clinical jobs locally)
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Building a sustainable TeleBehavioral Health Business

As clinical practices incorporate telehealth services, many wonder how the business of telehealth works. Can you make a living working full-time online as a solo provider or a large practice? How is marketing for elemental Health, practice management, and billing different than in-person services? What kinds of telehealth services are legal and ethical during COVID and after? Learn the practical inside scoop from Jay Ostrowski, one of the leading experts in Telemental Health.

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Startup Panel: Launching a Niche Telehealth Service

Join Dr. John Guha as Christian Milaster leads a conversation about Dr. Guha’s experience in launching his LGBTQ-focused telehealth services.

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Fireside Chat: Achieving Empowered Wellness

The goal of Connected Health is empowered wellness: enabling patients to be well, to get well and to stay well, regardless of their location.

Listen in to this fascinating conversations with Dr. Patel, a pulmonologist from the Mayo Clinic, and Anuraj Gambhir, a international Digital Health Aficionado.

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Clinical Telemedicine: Practical Techniques

A telemedicine encounter is not at all the equivalent of a face-to-face medical encounter, yet delivery systems treat telemedicine visits as a diminutive version of its more familiar cousin.

The result; underperformance and greater liability—the latter masked by the COVID-induced slowing of the legal system.

As someone who was formally trained in the delivery of telemedicine beginning in 1991 (yes, 1991) and has worked it all his professional life, experience teaches that the simple application of influence and persuasion tactics can transform a telemedicine encounter into a value-generating machine.


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Credentialing in the Time of Virtual Care: A COO’s view

In this talk, Ken will explore how credentialing fits into the bigger picture of healthcare — how it is an enabler and a barrier to telehealth.

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The Touch-less Healthcare Consumer

The pandemic was a giant nationwide pilot program for telehealth and crash course in telehealth implementation. Now, ten months later, is the time to assess, revise, and build processes that support virtual care.

Healthcare was forced into virtual care. It was coming slowly, but the pandemic made it an instant must-have. Finding out how to best meet your customer and patient needs is challenging in an environment that changes daily. The public health emergency changed every simple task in order to prevent spread of COVID-19. Touch-less and contactless became a key word in describing transactions and interactions to stay virus free. The fear of catching the virus is still responsible for patients not getting preventive care. The result is a consumer who expects touch-less and safe healthcare.

What has been the consumers’ experience with telehealth? Multiple factors including accessibility, ease of use, technical capability, cost, and convenience that go into deciding if virtual care is a clear go-to option for patients.


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Medico-Legal Fireside Chat

When a clinically trained lawyer and an entrepreneurial telehealth physician sit down to talk about the medical-legal risks of virtual care, there will surely be some interesting stories!

Join Dr. Joe McMenamin and Dr. Tom Davis for an interesting conversation about what the future holds from a medico-legal perspective.

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Digital Health in Germany and the EU

This session is highlighting what’s happening across the pond concerning Digital Health. Due to very different national regulative scenario’s in the 27 member states the EU perspective is a fragmented one and significant, international cross boarder activities providing digital care have developed.

Several examples of leading digital health platforms reaching from national initiatives to international, even global players in Telehealth will be discussed.

In addition, a little deeper dive into the recently fast developing Digital Health Strategy in Germany, a country with a highly regulated healthcare system in central Europe with 16 federal states, that started the legislative and regulative digital care journey comparably late (2019).

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Healthcare Price Transparency: Please Tell me What it Costs

With the shift of us patients to healthcare consumers, these new customers of care are demanding a much higher degree of price transparency. As Stacey Robertson will lay out, price transparency has a great impact on patient retention and the price of care. Add “Telehealth” to the mix and we’re seeing a new way to consume healthcare emerge.

In her talk, Stacey will be providing examples and comparisons of telemedicine service pricing throughout the presentation and will also cover:

  • The Direct Pay Pricing Movement
  • Point-of-Care Cost Estimations
  • Cost Containment Firms
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Occupational Medicine: The “Diamond in the Rough” of Primary Care Medicine

In order to understand the value of Virtual Care in Occupational Medicine and Worker’s Compensation you first need to understand the system. Few medical practitioners have formal training in Occupational Medicine and most are inadequately prepared to render optimal Worker’s Comp. Equally unprepared are many HR, insurance reps and hospital system managers which is the cause of much frustration and unnecessary expense.

This lecture will provide a brief introduction to the poorly understood world of Occ/Med and Work Comp for those who have to work in this area. It will serve as a base for the subsequent lecture covering this newly emerging field of Virtual Care and Occ Med. You need to know the basics before you can fully appreciate the value that it can bring to your system.


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Building the Business Case for Virtual Workers’ Comp

This Expert Talk presentation will provide attendees with a business case approach to designing, implementing, promoting, and measuring a cost effective, clinically appropriate solution that engages employees in real-time injury management.

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Excellence: The Telehealth Accelerator

While many organizations quickly shifted to telehealth to cope with the crisis, some organizations were poised to excel.

CEO Dick Courcelle will highlight how Community Care Network was well-positioned for success with a clear strategic direction, a driven and aligned leadership team at all levels, and a fact-based organizational culture focused on continually raising the bar in service to patients and clients. Rather than reacting, CCN accelerated the strategic implementation of new modes of service delivery across dozens of service lines.

Organizational excellence is a strategic differentiator, with strategic and operational results as the tangible outcomes.

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TeleDentistry — Exactly how do you do that?

No, we do not come through your computer or phone to drill or fill. We do however help patients with toothaches, broken teeth, bleeding gums, parents with teething children and seniors with problem dentures. We remediate, e-prescribe and schedule patients with next day on site dental visits if necessary.

This presentation will focus on the ability to provide quality dental care via a national network of dentists and hygienists. Howard Reis, CEO of TeleDentists, will discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated our business with agreements with companies such as Cigna, Anthem and Cerner. He will share demographic data and patient satisfaction scores gathered through thousands of consultations.

Most exciting is where we go in the near future. This will include medical-dental integration, expansion into e-commerce, incorporation of remote patient monitoring and eventually artificial intelligence. Major new partnership opportunities are also on the near horizon.


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Acute Care Virtual Telehealth: The Hospital and Beyond

Hospitals, health systems and patients have experienced shifting models of care long before the recent COVID-19 public emergency. Recent technological advances, provide new opportunities for patients and providers to deliver care and expand access to improve outcomes, deliver care and reduce costs.

The goals of this presentation is to evaluate telehealth models of care and identify critical success factors necessary for ubiquitous and seamless integration across the continuum of care.

We will conclude with how the hospital without walls will fuel a migration in care delivery into patients’ lives.

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A Connected Health Capability Maturity Model: Accelerating Success

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Symposium Closing Remarks

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