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11:00 AM Eastern

Telehealth Trends, Techniques, and Insights
Beyond Telehealth: Enabling Connected Care

The vision of Connected Care is Empowered Wellness: Empowering patients to be well, to get well, and to stay well.

To achieve this vision, we must enable everyone involved in the care of the patient — including the clinicians, the caregivers, and the patients themselves — to have access to the right information at the right time in the right format, so they can make informed and better decisions.

In this pragmatic presentation aimed at healthcare centers, clinics, agencies, and health systems, Christian Milaster will describe the roadmap to get from today’s telehealth world to a connected care world.

What mindset shifts are needed in the leaders’ and the clinicians’ minds?

What technologies are the missing links that close the gap between here and there?

Join us for another chapter out of Christian’s 240+ archive of Telehealth Tuesday articles.

12:00 PM Eastern

Telehealth Conversations
High Stress, High Stakes:
Digital Health Tools for Retention and Reduced Risk

The high stress, high stakes environment of healthcare increases the risk of distress, attrition and liability on the job. In this lively presentation, the presenter will examine our own stress-triggered responses and their relationship to dysfunctional teams, errors, accidents and intent to leave or stay. Advances in digital behavioral health tools enable the health workforce – clinical and nonclinical – to rapidly increase competency in evidence-base interventions that harnesses the neuroplasticity of the brain to more effectively function in pressured situations and interactions. A team-centric approach can be a powerful adjunct to system-level efforts to reduce contributors to burnout, while improving the bottom line and ROI. Outcome data and key features of the AMA accredited StressPal Frontline: Essential Resilience Self-Care and Burnout Prevention program and peer engagement platform will be shared.

1:00 PM Eastern

Telehealth Case Studies
Hybrid Urgent Care – Virtual Load Balancing

High-access healthcare continues to be a struggle for many patients across the United States.

Patients utilize Urgent Cares as their first-line source due to limited Primary Care availability, and the extended hours in Urgent Cares.

The matching of patient demand and provider supply can create bottlenecks. In this discussion, the presenter will discuss virtual load balancing.

This multi-pronged approach can be utilized to improve patient flow, to deliver timely care and to manage provider staffing.

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Matthew Faiman MD, MBA, FACP
Virtual Care Medical Director, NextCare Urgent Care

Dr. Faiman currently serves as the Virtual Health Medical Director at NextCare Urgent Care in Mesa, Arizona. Dr. Faiman served as a Staff Physician at Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio from 2002-2021. Dr. Faiman obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree, Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and Medical Doctorate from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Cleveland Clinic in 2002. In 2005, he became involved in Telehealth, developing innovative ways to apply Telemedicine programs at Cleveland Clinic. In 2015, he was appointed the Medical Director of Express Care Online, a service line providing on demand synchronous virtual visits to patients nation-wide. Dr. Faiman has written and spoken extensively on the subject of Telemedicine and Telehealth, including presenting at national meetings at both ATA and HIMSS. He served on the education committee and as an abstract reviewer for ATA from 2015-2021. He has been published on the subject of Telehealth in peer-reviewed journals, including Pediatrics and NEJM Catalyst. He has traveled to Brazil and China to lecture on the subject of direct to consumer Telehealth. Dr. Faiman is passionate about finding innovative ways to apply Telehealth both nationally and internationally.

Session: Hybrid Urgent Care – Virtual Load Balancing

Session: High Stress, High Stakes: Digital Health Tools
for Retention and Reduced Risk

Pennie Sempell, JD.
CEO and Program Director, StressPal

Pennie Sempell, JD, CEO at StressPal Inc., an acclaimed stress resilience provider for health organizations. Ms. Sempell has a deep background as a professional mediator/attorney, health coach and health advocate. Working in collaboration with medical professionals over 20 years, she pioneered integrative approaches to self-care as an adjunct to western medical care. Pennie is producer and co-author of StressPal Frontline: Essential Resilience Self Care and Burnout Prevention, an ACCME accredited professional development program in best practices, succinct intervention strategies to function effectively in high pressured situations and interactions. She has received numerous awards for multimedia programs and curriculum for adults and children on a range of social emotional learning topics. University of California, Berkeley (Psychology, Phi Beta Kappa) and Juris Doctor from the University of California College of Law, San Francisco.

Session: High Stress, High Stakes: Digital Health Tools
for Retention and Reduced Risk

Christian Milaster, MS
Founder & CEO, Ingenium Digital Health Advisors,
Ingenium Healthcare Advisors

Christian Milaster is passionate about accelerating the adoption of digital health innovation to enable the sustainable delivery of extraordinary care. He is deeply committed to restore medical professionals’ job satisfaction by applying systems thinking principles and implementing systems solutions.

Christian is the Founder and CEO of Ingenium Digital Health Advisors, a boutique consulting firm focused on Accelerating the Adoption of Digital Health Innovation and of Ingenium Healthcare Advisors, focused on Guiding Healthcare Leaders to get the results they want. Starting out as a solo consultant, Ingenium Advisors now comprises a team of 15+ and a consortium of over a dozen expert advisors.

Born, raised, and educated as an Engineer in Germany, Christian started his career at IBM Global Services before joining the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, where he worked for 12 years in various roles before launching Ingenium in 2012.

Session: Beyond Telehealth: Enabling Connected Care

Session: High Stress, High Stakes: Digital Health Tools
for Retention and Reduced Risk


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Ingenium Digital Health Advisors
Ingenium Healthcare Advisors

Ingenium partners with innovative leaders in healthcare to enable the sustainable delivery of extraordinary care by Accelerating the Adoption of Digital Health Innovation and Guiding Leaders to Get The Results They Want.

Christian Milaster
Founder & CEO

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