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11:00 AM Eastern

Telehealth Conversation
Empowering Patient-Centered Care
through Digital Health Innovations

In this presentation, I will explore the transformative role of digital health innovations in reshaping patient-centered care paradigms. From telehealth advancements to personalized interventions, I will explore how technology is transforming healthcare delivery, enhancing patient engagement, and improving better outcomes.

Drawing from real-world case studies and industry trends, attendees will gain practical perspective and actionable strategies to integrate innovative digital solutions into their telehealth practices, ultimately elevating the patient experience and improving overall healthcare delivery.

12:00 PM Eastern

Telehealth Policy
The Case for Payment Parity

The telehealth flexibilities that authorized Medicare to reimburse for telehealth at the same rate as in-person care will expire at the end of 2024.

This deadline has incited multiple hearings on Capitol Hill as well as letters to the Secretary of Health and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid from diverse entities ranging from the national membership organizations representing health care professionals to members of Congress.

Several bills have been put forward to make the telehealth flexibilities authorized under the pandemic permanent. Most of these bills specifically call out the need for payment parity. This decision is more than just a policy one, however, as its impact will affect the health care landscape.

Telehealth has transformed the health care delivery system introducing new opportunities to provide care for underserved populations while increasing accessibility and convenience for patients. Telehealth has also revolutionized how health care is provided with many patients and providers advocating for a hybrid model of telehealth and in-person care based on the situation.

Decisions regarding payment parity will not only impact heath care access but also reveal insights into the government’s acceptance and support for an evolving digital health landscape.

1:00 PM Eastern

Telehealth Trends, Techniques, and Insights
Marketing Your Telehealth Service Without Ending Up in Court

“Build it and they will come” typically does not work, so most telehealth providers turn to marketing to make their services known to the public. Yet many healthcare providers, and sometimes platforms, make too many promises in their marketing efforts. They could avoid needless risk (including litigation) if they would rein in their enthusiasm a bit.

Joe McMenamin, MD, JD has worked in digital health law for almost 30 years and will share his well-honed insights on how to promote innovative services while staying out of court. With illustrative stories and examples how plaintiffs’ counsel use marketing to drum up claims against the Good Guys, this session is a must for anyone practicing or supporting telehealth services.

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Hosna Salmani,
Member of Telehealth Committee for the Healthcare Information and
Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

Hosna Salmani is a PhD Candidate in Health Information Management at the Iran University of Medical Sciences, with a Master’s degree in Health Information Technology. Her experience as a Teaching and Research Assistant has allowed her to actively contribute to academia, specializing in areas such as Healthcare IT, Health Information Management, Mobile Health, and Patient-centered care.

Over the years, Hosna has had the privilege of being a keynote speaker at prestigious international conferences, where she shares her knowledge and insights on critical topics within the field. Additionally, she has authored books on Digital Health available on Amazon. Furthermore, Hosna has contributed to the academic community by serving as a reviewer for esteemed journals such as Springer Nature, Frontiers, Taylor & Francis, Hindawi, and PLOS One. Hosna actively contributes as a research topic coordinator for the esteemed Frontiers in Digital Health journal, along with assuming the role of a review editor for Frontiers in Medicine.

Hosna’s engagement spans various significant roles, notably as a Judge for distinguished events such as HLTH in the United States. Moreover, she has been honored with invitations to serve as a reviewer for MEDINFO in Australia and HIMSS conferences in the United States. These opportunities have granted Hosna unique insights into global healthcare landscapes.

Hosna’s contributions and dedication have been recognized through several awards from esteemed institutions such as the National Elites Foundation and the Gifted and Talented Student Centre for achievements in the field of Health Information Technology; and, the YTH (YOUTH + TECH + HEALTH) Live Global 2021 Scholarship Contest winner, sponsored by UNESCO, competed against talented young professionals from around the world. Additionally, Hosna is ranked among the top 150 Exponential Health Tech professionals in both 2022 and 2023 and recognized as one of the Top 25 digital health influencers in 2023. Hosna is honored to be selected as one of the Top 10 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on “HealthTech” and “Health and Wellness” and Top Voices EMEA in 2023 by Thinker 360.

In her role as a member of the Telehealth Committee for the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), Hosna is committed to driving innovation and advancing healthcare. Through her unwavering dedication as a keynote speaker, influential contributions, and recognition for my achievements and awards, Hosna continues to make a meaningful impact in Health Information Management and Digital Health.

Session: Empowering Patient-Centered Care through
Digital Health Innovations

Yael Harris, PhD, MHS
CEO of Laurel Health Advisors

Yael Harris, PhD, MHS is CEO of Laurel Health Advisors, a small, disadvantaged, woman-owned small business focused on reducing health disparities through the use of technology.

Yael is a national expert in telehealth policy with over 16 years of experience leading Federal efforts to spearhead the use of telehealth to expand access and improve quality for underserved and vulnerable patient populations. In 2021, she presented on the cost benefit of telehealth to Congress and the White House. While Director of the Health Information and Quality at the Health Resources and Services Administration, she led quality and access efforts across all safety net providers. Yael also launched and co-chaired the cross-federal telehealth workgroup which aligned telehealth activities across the government.

Yael’s research has been published in numerous peer reviewed journals including the Journal of the American Medical Association and the Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved.

Session: The Case for Payment Parity

Jason Goldwater, MS, MPA, PMP
President and COO of Laurel Health Advisors

Jason Goldwater, MS, MPA, PMP is President and COO of Laurel Health Advisors, a small woman-owned business focused on health care innovation, quality, and equity.

Jason is an expert in telehealth strategic planning, implementation, evaluation and measurement with over two decades of experience leading projects on using telehealth to improve health care. He recently published a cost benefit study of telehealth that has been presented to Congress, the White House, and multiple Federal agencies. Jason developed a national framework for measuring the value of telehealth and its impact on clinical care for the National Quality Forum and served as Principal Investigator for a California Health Care Foundation grant on the use of telehealth for chronic disease management and care coordination.

He has written extensively on the impact of telehealth on care for vulnerable populations and has been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals.

Session: The Case for Payment Parity

Joe McMenamin, MD, JD
Partner at Christian & Barton, LLP in Richmond, Virginia

Joseph P. (“Joe”) McMenamin, MD, JD, a partner at Christian & Barton, LLP in Richmond, Virginia, is a physician-attorney concentrating on the law of digital health and of AI in healthcare.

Joe advises institutional and individual telehealth service providers, academic medical centers, remote monitoring services, trade associations, telehealth platform companies, investors, and telecoms on a broad array of medico-legal questions arising from distance care and, more recently, from the application of augmented intelligence to health care in general and to telemedicine in particular. He writes and lectures extensively on these and related topics.

He also serves as general counsel to the Virginia Telehealth Network, and as a member of the Legal Resource Team of CTeL, the Center for Telemedicine and eHealth Law. He is board-certified in Legal Medicine, an Associate Professor of Legal Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Fellow of the College of Legal Medicine.

Session: Marketing Your Telehealth Service Without Ending Up in Court

Christian Milaster, MS
Founder & CEO, Ingenium Digital Health Advisors,
Ingenium Healthcare Advisors

Christian Milaster is passionate about accelerating the adoption of digital health innovation to enable the sustainable delivery of extraordinary care. He is deeply committed to restore medical professionals’ job satisfaction by applying systems thinking principles and implementing systems solutions.

Christian is the Founder and CEO of Ingenium Digital Health Advisors, a boutique consulting firm focused on Accelerating the Adoption of Digital Health Innovation and of Ingenium Healthcare Advisors, focused on Guiding Healthcare Leaders to get the results they want. Starting out as a solo consultant, Ingenium Advisors now comprises a team of 15+ and a consortium of over a dozen expert advisors.

Born, raised, and educated as an Engineer in Germany, Christian started his career at IBM Global Services before joining the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, where he worked for 12 years in various roles before launching Ingenium in 2012.

Session: Empowering Patient-Centered Care
through Digital Health Innovations


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Laurel Health Advisors

Laurel Health Advisors is a research and data-driven consulting firm that helps organizations leverage innovations in health care to improve health equity and quality outcomes. We work with public, private, and non-profit organizations to help them use research and data effectively.

Jason C. Goldwater
President and Chief Operating Officer

Ingenium Digital Health Advisors
Ingenium Healthcare Advisors

Ingenium partners with innovative leaders in healthcare to enable the sustainable delivery of extraordinary care by Accelerating the Adoption of Digital Health Innovation and Guiding Leaders to Get The Results They Want.

Christian Milaster
Founder & CEO

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