Are you passionate about telehealth, virtual care, and digital health?

Do you support telehealth services from a clinical, operational, or technical perspective?

Do you “deliver care at a distance”?

Have you been looking for the opportunity to connect and network with your peers?

Then join us for one, two, or three sessions presented by your fellow telehealth enthusiast peers.

Starting at 11 AM Eastern / 8 AM Pacific on Thursday, June 20 2024.

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11:00 AM Eastern

Telehealth Trends, Techniques, and Insights
Rockstar Telehealth Coordinators are made, not born 

The primary responsibility of a Telehealth Coordinator is to help clinicians and patients have a great telehealth experience. Neither a great telehealth strategy nor the latest telehealth technology will create sustainable success with patients, providers, nurses, and support staff.

The single critical ingredient to ensuring the success of your telehealth services is a Rock Star Telehealth Coordinator. The good news is that Rock Star Telehealth Coordinators are not born, but they are made.

In this presentation, Christian Milaster, Founder and CEO of Ingenium Digital Health Advisor will review the 7 critical qualities, 4 primary responsibilities, and the 7 key skills that a Telehealth Coordinator must master to become a Rock Star.


Christian Milaster, Founder & CEO, Ingenium Digital Health Advisors

12:00 PM Eastern

Telehealth Case Study

Telehealth Support that Engages Patients and Delights Clinicians

Does your organization understand the benefits of, or currently employ, a “Telehealth Coordinator”? Providers may be hesitant to offer virtual visits because they believe that in-person visits are the only effective way to assist patients. A Virtual Care Coordinator from a rural FQHC will demonstrate how to provide the necessary support and training to improve clinician acceptance of virtual care.

Based on guidance from Ingenium Advisors, proven approaches and practical tactics for optimizing virtual care will be shared. Strategies will be introduced to the group on how to establish and implement appropriate levels of operational, technical, clinical, and strategic development for your virtual care program.

Specific, thought-provoking examples of the optimization journey, such as video Tech-Checks, Webside Manners training (including virtual physical exams), Issues Tracking, workflow design, and technological upgrades will be shared to help your organization make significant strides in the future.


Yvonne Walker, Virtual Care Coordinator, Tri-Area Community Health (TACH)

1:00 PM Eastern

Telehealth Conversations
Creating the Partnerships for RPM to Thrive

In this conversational presentation experienced Telehealth leaders Kari Gali, NP (formerly of the Cleveland Clinic) and Mark Crowe (of Sentara Healthcare) will share their insights and lessons learned on what it takes to launch and run a successful RPM program by building partnerships.

Starting with a primer on the basics of RPM and key measures for success, Kari and Mark will also tell tales from the trenches on how to build supportive and lasting partnerships between clinicians, support staff, IT, the vendor. and, of course, the patient.

Kari Gali, Clinical Faculty, Department of Medical Education, University of Illinois-Chicago

Mark Crowe, Director of IT Innovations, Sentara Healthcare 

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Kari Gali
Clinical Faculty
Department of Medical Education, University of Illinois-Chicago

Kari is an experienced Nurse Practitioner, recognized as an expert in the healthcare industry for virtual clinical transformation, designing and integrating clinical programs, quality improvement, change management and population health. In her current role she is Clinical Faculty in the Department of Medical Education at University of Illinois- Chicago where she teaches about patient safety, quality, leadership, telehealth, equitable academic advancement in improvement science. Kari’s previous roles include the Director of Virtual Care at MetroHealth, Ovatient’s Director of Clinical Strategy and Quality, Director of Telehealth at Huron Consulting and a decade at the Cleveland Clinic building their telehealth infrastructure.

As a consultant for Case Western Reserve University and the American Academy of Pediatrics, Kari’s passion for quality and virtual care has facilitated telehealth curriculum development, quality integration of virtual care modalities and optimization of remote patient monitoring.

She has authored numerous articles and presented internationally. Kari’s experience spans all levels of business from complex health care systems to the independent clinician office.

Session:Creating the Partnerships for RPM to Thrive

Mark Crowe
Director of IT Innovations
Sentara Healthcare

Mark Crowe is the Director of IT Innovations at Sentara Healthcare. Mark is a solutions-driven MBA with experience as a certified project manager and telemedicine coordinator. He has a passion for innovation in digital healthcare and deploying evidence-based virtual care programs. Mark leads a highly talented team across Virginia and North Carolina using proven strategies in direct-to-consumer, acute care, and ambulatory services to drive success and has a proven record of leading cultural change.

Session: Creating the Partnerships for RPM to Thrive

Yvonne Walker
Virtual Care Coordinator
Tri-Area Community Health (TACH)

Yvonne Walker is the Virtual Care Coordinator with Tri-Area Community Health (TACH), a Federally Qualified Health Center in Southwest Virginia. Prior to that role, Yvonne served as a TACH Front Office assistant for two years. Yvonne transitioned to healthcare in 2019 after 27 years of experience in Higher Education as a Financial Aid Counselor, Assistant Registrar, and for the last 13 years, as Registrar.

In her role, Yvonne is responsible for supporting the delivery of virtual medical and behavioral health care for TACH in five rural counties and one independent city. Yvonne’s support responsibilities include overseeing and scheduling virtual visits, coaching clinical and non-clinical staff, updating the Virtual Care Steering Team, and identifying and addressing opportunities for improvement — all of which she delivers with a vivacious spirit.

Yvonne graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ferrum College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and resides in Ferrum, VA.

Session: Telehealth Support that Engages Patients and Delights Clinicians

Christian Milaster, MS
Founder & CEO, Ingenium Digital Health Advisors,
Ingenium Healthcare Advisors

Christian Milaster is passionate about accelerating the adoption of digital health innovation to enable the sustainable delivery of extraordinary care. He is deeply committed to restore medical professionals’ job satisfaction by applying systems thinking principles and implementing systems solutions.

Christian is the Founder and CEO of Ingenium Digital Health Advisors, a boutique consulting firm focused on Accelerating the Adoption of Digital Health Innovation and of Ingenium Healthcare Advisors, focused on Guiding Healthcare Leaders to get the results they want. Starting out as a solo consultant, Ingenium Advisors now comprises a team of 15+ and a consortium of over a dozen expert advisors.

Born, raised, and educated as an Engineer in Germany, Christian started his career at IBM Global Services before joining the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, where he worked for 12 years in various roles before launching Ingenium in 2012.

Session: Rockstar Telehealth Coordinators are made, not born

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Laurel Health Advisors

Laurel Health Advisors is a research and data-driven consulting firm that helps organizations leverage innovations in health care to improve health equity and quality outcomes. We work with public, private, and non-profit organizations to help them use research and data effectively.

Jason C. Goldwater
President and Chief Operating Officer

Ingenium Digital Health Advisors
Ingenium Healthcare Advisors

Ingenium partners with innovative leaders in healthcare to enable the sustainable delivery of extraordinary care by Accelerating the Adoption of Digital Health Innovation and Guiding Leaders to Get The Results They Want.

Christian Milaster
Founder & CEO

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