Listen in to a fascinating conversation moderated by a former physician who has focused on digital health law for over 25 years. The three physicians on the panel — a family medicine doctor, a German surgeon and an Occupational Health specialist — will share their perspectives on what the future of Digital Health holds.

Joe McMenamin,

Principal, McMenamin Law Offices
Digital Health Legal Advisor (Ingenium)

Joseph P. (“Joe”) McMenamin, MD, JD is a physician-attorney and the principal at McMenamin Law Offices, PLLC, a healthcare boutique in Richmond, Virginia concentrating on the law of digital health.

Joe advises institutional and individual telehealth service providers, academic medical centers, remote monitoring services, trade associations, telehealth platform companies, investors, and telecoms on a broad array of medico-legal questions arising from distance care and, more recently, from the application of augmented intelligence to health care in general and to telemedicine in particular. He writes and lectures extensively on these and related topics.

He also serves as general counsel to the Virginia Telehealth Network, and as a member of the Legal Resource Team of CTeL, the Center for Telemedicine and eHealth Law. He is board-certified in Legal Medicine, an Associate Professor of Legal Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Fellow of the College of Legal Medicine.

Tom Davis, MD
Principal & CEO Tom Davis Consulting
Physician Telemedicine Advisor (Ingenium)

Since completing specialty training in telemedicine in 1994, Dr. Tom Davis MD FAAFP has advocated and mentored clinicians and organizations throughout the country.

Emphasizing system development, clinician mentorship, and patient care, Dr. Davis supports clients who understand that telemedicine is a tool which can, when leveraged within well-designed systems, generate phenomenal value for patient, clinician, and organizations alike.

Author of the 2017 Amazon “Hot 100” publication “Telemedicine Confidential — Keeping Your Family Safe”, Dr. Davis advocates for the idea that virtual care delivery is a discipline completely separate from face-to-face care delivery, requiring entirely new skill sets and techniques to be executed with success.

Oliver Wagner,

Owner Dr. Wagner Consulting
Digital Health Strategy Advisor (EU) (Ingenium)

Dr. Wagner is surgical specialist and has a track record of more than 30-years of international experience in the healthcare services industry covering clinical medicine, management consulting as well as executive strategic and operational work in different healthcare ventures throughout the industry.

After his medical training on three continents and his postgraduate clinical training in hospitals of all care levels Dr. Wagner gained experience in leading positions in international healthcare consulting and as CMO of a leading hospital group in Germany. In the following years, he obtained extensive experience in corporate leadership as shareholder, CEO and managing director of operating and holding companies for hospitals, outpatient surgery centers and private specialized clinics in several European countries. Due to his concurrent activity as deputy chairman of the supervisory board of a listed company he is also familiar with corporate governance topics.

Since 2007 Dr. Wagner is managing business consulting projects in the Healthcare Industry both national and international focusing strategic leadership and business development, medical expert consulting and moderation within M&A, digital transformation (Telehealth/ AI/ Medical Robotics) and change management projects.

Mike Toth, DO
President/Owner MedFocus Consulting
Occupational Medicine Advisor (Ingenium)

Dr. Toth was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. After medical school he started a rural family medicine practice that included a high volume of Worker’s Compensation care. It soon became apparent that there had to be a better way to deal with the paperwork and hassle of the Worker’s Compensation system and providing occupational medicine services. This became the genesis of a multi- decade career focused in occupational medicine.

His CV includes occupational medicine clinic start-up projects and several Medical Directorships, including with Mayo Health Systems. He also has experience in Pain Management and functioned as Department Chair in Urgent Care.

Dr. Toth’s medical career has also included foreign service work aboard the M/V Caribbean Mercy Hospital Ship as the Chief Medical Officer and later in Health Care Administration for Mercy Ship’s global operations. He later served as a Project Director during the early phase of construction and development of a world class medical and dental center located in the east African nation of Tanzania.

He currently lives in southern Minnesota and is the president/owner of MedFocus Consulting, Inc. which is dedicated to creating and fine tuning occupational medicine clinical delivery systems throughout the country.