No, we do not come through your computer or phone to drill or fill. We do however help patients with toothaches, broken teeth, bleeding gums, parents with teething children and seniors with problem dentures. We remediate, e-prescribe and schedule patients with next day on site dental visits if necessary.

This presentation will focus on the ability to provide quality dental care via a national network of dentists and hygienists. Howard Reis, CEO of TeleDentists, will discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated our business with agreements with companies such as Cigna, Anthem and Cerner. He will share demographic data and patient satisfaction scores gathered through thousands of consultations.

Most exciting is where we go in the near future. This will include medical-dental integration, expansion into e-commerce, incorporation of remote patient monitoring and eventually artificial intelligence. Major new partnership opportunities are also on the near horizon.

Howard Reis, MBA

Howard Reis is the CEO of TheTeledentists ( , the only nationwide network of dentists providing video consultations for patients with dental emergencies. Howard’s first exposure to telemedicine was as a project manager at Nynex Science and Technology, managing early telemedicine trials with four Boston teaching hospitals. Howard has helped two separate teleradiology companies achieve Inc. 5000 status of fastest growing private companies. Howard has an MBA in Finance from NYU and has published several articles on teledentistry, teleradiology, telecommunications and telemedicine.

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