With the continued widespread adoption of telehealth solutions, rural communities are recognizing the benefits of this technology beyond the clinic or hospital setting. The ability to bring healthcare specialty services to remote locations improves the economic opportunities for all employers and citizens. Attracting and retaining employees is paramount if these communities are to remain viable. Making it possible for young families, children, teens, and older workers to receive care without having to leave town is a value that is measured beyond dollars and time spent traveling.
In this session, attendees will better understand the broader impact of how this technology:
  • Can improve employers’ ability to attract and retain employees
  • Can attract new businesses to the community
  • Provide training and continuing education programs for current and prospective clinical workers
  • Will help local clinics retain patient revenues while avoiding costs associated with hiring specialists for limited services
  • Will reduce unnecessary and costly patient transfers and by-passes
  • Provide peace of mind for residents who rely on the hospital for care and economic stability (maintaining clinical jobs locally)

Kathy Letendre, MHSA
Principal Letendre & Associates
Organizational Excellence Advisor (Ingenium)

Kathy Letendre creates transformative experiences for her clients, catapulting leadership and organizational performance to new heights.

Kathy is an expert in organizational excellence, leadership excellence, and performance excellence. As an experienced healthcare executive and champion of transformational improvement, she shares her expertise with leaders, helping them achieve unprecedented levels of excellence for themselves and their organizations. She has a reputation as a collaborative and passionate agent of change, particularly when met with resistance.

A graduate of Duke University and the University of Michigan, Kathy is the President and Founder of Letendre & Associates where she advises organizations and leaders to create their excellence advantage.

Clients benefit from Kathy’s executive experience in healthcare where she generated unprecedented results. Her ability to forge a path to excellence in that highly regulated and risk-filled industry positions her to advise clients in every domain.

Peter Caplan,

Advisor & Consultant Ingenium Digital Health
Telehealth Strategy & Implementation

Peter Caplan is a Telehealth Strategy and Implementation Advisor with Ingenium Digital Health Advisors and the Founder and Managing Consultant of eHealth Systems & Solutions, a consulting firm founded in 2005 specializing in telemedicine, telehealth, and information technology solutions for hospitals, rural clinics, and physician practices.

With a background as a strategic planner and healthcare economist and over 30 years’ experience, Peter has worked with a variety of healthcare associations, health systems and telehealth networks.

Peter is a member of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA); Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), the National Rural Health Association; and the Colorado Prevention Center. He holds graduate degrees in Planning/Community Development and Economics from the University of Colorado and has completed post-graduate research in public administration, health information technology, and physician practice management.

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