Innovative Tech is enabling access to more affordable and accessible solutions for us to take charge of our holistic well-being to become happier, healthier and more spiritually connected, allowing us to live more meaningful lives as we transcend from ‘Sickcare’ to ‘True Healthcare’.

Come join the movement to transform people by embracing this new world order of Wear-to-Able. Covering a range of topics intersecting at the juncture of disruptive Wearable-tech, Smart Cities & elevating our Consciousness.

This presentation includes a select showcase of tech that is democratized at our finger-tips, our palm, our wrist, our forehead that is augmenting humanity.

Anuraj Gambhir,
Innovation Catalyst | Disruptive Techpreneur
Digital Health Innovation Advisor (Ingenium)

Anuraj Gambhir is an internationally recognized Strategic Business & Startup Advisor, Technology Visionary & Exponential Thought Leader. He has over 28 years’ global experience working across 5 continents. His practical knowledge spans executive management, innovation, entrepreneurship, conscious leadership, exponential technologies, design thinking and holistic wellbeing. Key domains of focus include the future of Health/Wellness, Learning/Education, Transportation, Telecom & Space as part of emerging Smart Cities/Communities.

He is an Innovation Evangelist, Business Strategist on the outside and Altruist, Philosopher on the inside, and a million things in between. He is focused on shaping the future of humanity from ‘mindset to heartset’.

As an Innovation catalyst and Transdisciplinary expert Anuraj assists organizations to spearhead their innovation agenda using exponential technologies. He is particularly passionate about developing frugal innovations for helping bridge the digital divide (transforming it into digital opportunities) and empower under-privileged communities.

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