A telemedicine encounter is not at all the equivalent of a face-to-face medical encounter, yet delivery systems treat telemedicine visits as a diminutive version of its more familiar cousin.

The result; underperformance and greater liability—the latter masked by the COVID-induced slowing of the legal system.

As someone who was formally trained in the delivery of telemedicine beginning in 1991 (yes, 1991) and has worked it all his professional life, experience teaches that the simple application of influence and persuasion tactics can transform a telemedicine encounter into a value-generating machine.

Tom Davis, MD
Principal & CEO Tom Davis Consulting
Physician Telemedicine Advisor (Ingenium)

Since completing specialty training in telemedicine in 1994, Dr. Tom Davis MD FAAFP has advocated and mentored clinicians and organizations throughout the country.

Emphasizing system development, clinician mentorship, and patient care, Dr. Davis supports clients who understand that telemedicine is a tool which can, when leveraged within well-designed systems, generate phenomenal value for patient, clinician, and organizations alike.

Author of the 2017 Amazon “Hot 100” publication “Telemedicine Confidential — Keeping Your Family Safe”, Dr. Davis advocates for the idea that virtual care delivery is a discipline completely separate from face-to-face care delivery, requiring entirely new skill sets and techniques to be executed with success.