Hospitals, health systems and patients have experienced shifting models of care long before the recent COVID-19 public emergency. Recent technological advances, provide new opportunities for patients and providers to deliver care and expand access to improve outcomes, deliver care and reduce costs.

The goals of this presentation is to evaluate telehealth models of care and identify critical success factors necessary for ubiquitous and seamless integration across the continuum of care.

We will conclude with how the hospital without walls will fuel a migration in care delivery into patients’ lives.

Erkan Hassan,
PharmD, FCCM

Principal, Transformational Views Consulting
Acute & Critical Care Advisor (Ingenium)

Erkan Hassan couples 19 years of bedside clinical experience with 20 years of designing and implementing innovative technologies within integrated health delivery systems to deliver quantified patient centered clinical and financial outcomes. Erkan helps healthcare innovators maximize clinical acceptance.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Ability to couple clinical subject matter experience with business acumen to achieve quadruple aim goals.
  • C-suite leadership engagement to identify and develop strategy to meet current key challenges
  • Healthcare transformation partnership with client(s) to address workflows, metrics, training, and critical success factors with clinical programs to improve the quality or cost efficiency of care.

Erkan has served in various leadership roles within critical care and critical care pharmacy.