With the shift of us patients to healthcare consumers, these new customers of care are demanding a much higher degree of price transparency. As Stacey Robertson will lay out, price transparency has a great impact on patient retention and the price of care. Add “Telehealth” to the mix and we’re seeing a new way to consume healthcare emerge.

In her talk, Stacey will be providing examples and comparisons of telemedicine service pricing throughout the presentation and will also cover:

  • The Direct Pay Pricing Movement
  • Point-of-Care Cost Estimations
  • Cost Containment Firms

Stacey Robertson, MFA
Healthcare Business Development Consultant
Digital Health Marketing Advisor (Ingenium)

Stacey is a strategic growth consultant who applies tools borrowed from the digital advertising industry to help medical practices expand. She plans and executes strategic development plans including the implementation of telemedicine, web-assisted patient access, retention policies, phone and service improvements, new vendor relationships, and improved patient experiences.

Her team creates marketing presence and community awareness to help medical practices expand their regional footprint. Stacey’s teams work with practice administrators to manage web design/SEO, develop creative multi-media campaigns, organize community events, work with EMRs and patient correspondences, and encourage new medical programs.

Clients include Primary Care/Multi-Specialty Practices and Specialist Medical Practices ranging in size from 5 to 40 providers.

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